1. Start with a concise goal

Your goal might be an increase in website traffic, more followers, an increase in engagement, or a boost in sales –> it’s to you to choose what makes the most sense for your brand

2. Choose the prize

When choosing your giveaway prize, you have to look at two things: 

  • How large of a prize do you want to offer?
  • Who is your target audience?

3. Keep it simple

Make sure your giveaway instructions are short and simple to follow. Once you find a formula that suits your audience you can put one on as often as you’d like.

4. Promote your Instagram giveaway with ads

Once you have your giveaway up and running may attract some entrants but if you really want it to reach the widest range of people you have to get serious about promotion:

  • use Facebook and Instagram ads to promote it 
  • utilize Stories before, during, and after the contest to keep your audience aware and interested 
  • send an email to your list to tell them about the giveaway and encourage even more entries
  • share the giveaway to any other social platforms you’re active on, such as your Facebook page or Twitter

5. Choose a deadline

When deciding on a length for your Instagram giveaway, don’t assume the longer it lasts the more people will enter. Limited time offers are still widely used for a reason because they give your audience a sense of urgency. So, to capitalize on that,  I suggest sticking to 3-7 days. Or, if you have a larger account with a highly engaged audience, a 24 hour contest can be great, too!