1. Discover your best time to post 

To build a sizable Instagram following, you need to create compelling content that your audience actually craves. But if you don’t post your content at the right time, most of them will never see it. Timing is key to maximize social media reach and engagement. You need to put out content when your target audience is online and is most likely to pay attention.

The most important rule in deciding when to post on social media is to study your data to decide what works and what doesn’t for your business.

The particular goal of each of your brand posts, your target audience, industry, and the region you wish to reach will potentially determine when you decide to publish content.

Getting your audience at the right moment will increase reach and engagements. This means more people will then see your post. 

2. Choose the right hashtags and create a branded hashtag

Instagram hashtags can make or break your Instagram strategy. 

Use them correctly and you’ll get your posts seen by more people likely to be interested in your products or brand.

You can include up to 30 hashtags on a regular post, and up to 10 hashtags on a Story. If you try to include more, your comment or caption won’t post. The consensus is that about 11 hashtags is a good number to start with.

See what hashtags your audience is already using

Keep an eye on your top followers and see what hashtags they’re using. Instagram’s search tool can give you some additional information about which hashtags the people you follow care about.

Create a branded hashtag

The best hashtag for your brand may be one you create yourself. A branded hashtag is simply a tag that you create to promote your own brand or campaign.

3. Partner with micro-influencers to create brand authenticity

Audiences crave authenticity, and micro-influencers are the secret to create it. Micro-influencers, on the other hand, are relatable. 

They’re still seen as regular people, as “one of us”. That’s why they tend to have more personal relationships with their audience and are seen as more authentic. 

+1 easelee tip: Host an instagram contest

Contests are a powerful engagement tool on Instagram, generating 3.5 times more likes and 64 times more comments than regular posts. Click here